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Take Charge of Your Life

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Confusion and the Stable Datum

In Chapter Two of his book The Problems of Work, L. Ron Hubbard shows how you can solve confusions by simply grasping one part of the confusion.

"The switchboard operator receiving ten calls at once solves the confusion by labeling, correctly or incorrectly, one call as the first call to receive her attention. The confusion of ten calls all at once becomes less confusing the moment she singles out one call to be answered."

"Until one selects one datum*, one factor*, one particular* in a confusion of particles, the confusion continues. The one thing selected and used becomes the stable datum for the remainder."
-- L. Ron Hubbard
*(Datum: one fact or piece of information. Factor: element or ingredient. Particular: a single thing; separate and distinct)

Example: Your first job was working at Tom's Car Repair Shop. When Tom retires, the shop goes out of business. Your feel confused as you've never had another job. Your head spins with too many thoughts. You sit at home and worry.

So you select one thing as your stable datum: "I am a great mechanic. I can fix anything." You suddenly relax. Your head stops spinning. "I'm a GREAT MECHANIC!"

Because you feel less confused and more confident, you get a great job fixing airplanes at United Airlines.

No matter what confusion is blocking your success, the "Confusion and Stable Datum" technique can clear your mind and help you take positive action.

Three Easy Steps

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