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Taking Control, Part Five

To Succeed, You Must Let Others Control You at Times

"Control is so far from being bad that a person who is sane and in very good condition does not resent good, positive control and is himself able to administer* good, positive control to people and objects. A person who is not in very good condition resents even the most casual directions and is actually not capable of controlling people or objects. The latter person is also inefficient and has many difficulties with work and with life.

"When a person cannot control things or when he resists things controlling him he involves himself with difficulties not only with people but with objects. It is also apparent that people with control difficulties more readily become ill and fail in other ways."
-- L. Ron Hubbard
(*administer: provide, dispense, give)

How do you feel when people give you orders or directions?

For example, if you are a business owner or executive, you may need to let your staff control your time. They must set appointments and control where you go and who you see. If you don't let them control your time, you can become overwhelmed and inefficient.

Let's say Joe asks his wife to handle the family finances. Yet when she tries to control Joe's spending, he argues about it. He spends the money however he likes despite his wife's efforts to control spending.

The couple's credit goes bad. They constantly fight. They blame money problems for their marriage problems when the real problem is with Joe's inability to be controlled.

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