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Taking Control, Part Four

If You Try to Control People or Things Outside Your Sphere of Operation, You Fail

"However, control in itself is not an entire answer to everything, for if it were one would have to be able to control everything, not only in his own job, but in an office or on earth, before he could be happy. We discover in examining control that the limits of control should be extended only across one's actual sphere of operation. When an individual attempts to extend control far beyond his active interest in a job or in life he encounters difficulty."

"Thus there is obviously another factor involved than control. This factor is willingness not to control and is fully as important as control itself."
-- L. Ron Hubbard
from The Problems of Work

Parents, bosses, spouses, colleagues or co-workers sometimes try to control you beyond their sphere of operation. For example, when parents try to control your beliefs, your career choices or your marriage, you might feel upset.

When the manager of Department A tries to control employees in Department B, problems come up. As long as he sticks to controlling his sphere of operation, which is Department A, all is well.

You may have felt overwhelmed in the past when you tried to control something that was not part of your sphere of operation. If it is not your responsibility, why bother?



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