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Taking Control, Part Three

Your Control Problems Are Based on Weaknesses with Starting or Changing or Stopping

"Franticness, helplessness, incompetence, inefficiency and other undesirable factors in a job are all traceable to inabilities to start, change and stop things."

"However, in executives, foremen or workers, we have people today who are either stuck on one or another of the factors of control exclusively or who are incapable of any of the factors of control."

"We have people in the workaday world, whether managers or janitors, who are for instance fixated (stuck) on starting. These people can start all day and all night but they never get going. Such people talk about big schemes and big deals; such people talk a lot of enthusiasm about getting going but never themselves seem to move.

"Others, no matter what their class or classification, get fixated on change. These manifest* this usually by insisting that everything 'keep running.' They talk all the time about 'keeping things going,' but they will not listen to any new ideas . . ." "A subdivision of this is the person who must change everything all the time." (*manifest: show, reveal)

"Plants, businesses, factories, ships and even the government are victimized particularly by people who can only stop things. No matter how well some unit may be running, some order is issued that stops whatever it is doing."

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