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The Secret of Greatness

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1. As soon as you arrive at your family's party, your stomach twists when you see your Aunt Jane. Ever since you were young, Aunt Jane has criticized you. "Well, managing a shoe store is fine, but I thought you'd be a successful doctor, like your father." "I was completely surprised to see your daughter's eyes are blue since you and your wife have brown eyes."

If you had known Aunt Jane would be at the family gathering, you would have found a good excuse to miss it. You want to leave, but then she sees you. "There you are! Have you been avoiding me?"

You decide to be a great person and love your Aunt Jane despite all reasons you should not. As you hug her, you notice she is now in her 70's. You suddenly realize she hasn't criticized you for more than 20 years. You are surprised to find you actually do love her.

2. You are driving down the road enjoying some music and some idiot cuts in front of you. You slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. You send him a mental curse and hope he has a rotten life.

You notice you feel rotten. You blame the other driver for this feeling and start driving recklessly.

But then you think, "Hey! I don't want to hate anyone. I'm going to love that guy." You feel a little understanding for the other driver. You think, "He must be late for work" and you wish him well.

Within seconds, you feel better and forget about it. You go back to enjoying your music.


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