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The “Want” Factor

How badly do you want to succeed?

On a scale of 1 to 100 (with 100 meaning you are so excited and passionate about your success that you can’t sleep), how would you score right now?

How important is it for you to reach your goals? How badly do you want to increase your income? How much do you want to improve your future?

“Where no real or valuable production is occurring, one has to ask the question, does the executive really WANT the product he is demanding? And does the staff member or members he is dealing with WANT the product?” -- L. Ron Hubbard

Your WANT factor is something you can control. In fact, many people succeed, not because they are experts in their fields, but because REALLY WANT to succeed. They will do whatever is necessary to reach their goals.

Many people do not really want the result of their work (the product) badly enough to make it happen. Instead of finding ways to get what they want, they find excuses. For example, “I can’t get anything done today because of the economy.”

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