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To Succeed, You Need to Follow the Law

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2. "Almost any worthwhile thing one is trying to accomplish often can be done in perfectly legal ways. The 'illegal' route is a dangerous and time-wasting shortcut. Imagined 'advantages' in committing illegal acts usually turn out not to be worth it."
-- L. Ron Hubbard from The Way to Happiness


For example, Sarah, a store clerk, was stealing money from her employer. At first, she just borrowed pens and postage stamps. Then she figured out how to "borrow" $40 or more in cash each week. Over two years, she stole over $5,000 in cash and supplies. As a result, she felt so stressed by her job that all she could do at night was watch television and eat junk food.


Her coworker Chris never stole or borrowed anything. She enjoyed the job, loved the people and never felt stressed. Instead of stealing, she worked extra hours at night and earned a promotion. Her pay increased by $1000 per month.

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