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War, Enemies and Politics

Your neighbor likes to throw parties. Every Saturday night, his stereo is blasting and the street is full of cars. What do you do?

You probably act logically and work it out. You might talk to the person, report the problem to the police or go to a movie.

However, you would probably not go shoot the neighbor.

What if you feel your business is threatened by another business? Say you own a restaurant, but notice you are getting fewer reservations and your income is going down. You find out the new restaurant down the road is taking your customers.

Do you work on your menu? Improve your service? Advertise? Form a partnership with the other restaurant owner? Enjoy the challenge of a competition? Sell your restaurant?

Probably something like that. But would you throw a bomb into the other restaurant? Kill its employees? Why not? After all, they are threatening your living and hurting your business.

Perhaps if someone killed your friend or a family member, you would want to attack the murderer. But sooner or later, you would realize blood on your own hands was no solution. As any war veteran can tell you, killing people can cause a lifetime of depression.

So why does anyone go to war? What might be a better solution?

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