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War, Enemies and Politics

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Without getting involved in politics, L. Ron Hubbard has always taken a stand against war. Even though he was a decorated Naval officer in World War II, he disagreed that war solved anything.

In 1950, he wrote in his famous book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health:

"There is no national problem in the world today which cannot be resolved by reason alone.”

"The farmer of has no quarrel with the storekeeper of . Those who say such quarrels exist lie.”

"How much can man conquer? He loses if he conquers man. He wins if he conquers his own fears and conquers then the stars.

"Attack the natural enemies of man, attack them well, and war of man with man cannot thereafter be a problem. This is rationality."

In another book called All About Radiation, L. Ron Hubbard writes,

"Man has a madness and that madness is called war. That madness really hasn't anything to do with politics.

“The truth is very simple. A government becomes worried about its ability to control its populace and neighbors and resorts to war as a means of compelling obedience at home as well as abroad.

"In actuality, a weakness and insecurity of government causes war. If a government were very strong and felt very secure, it would employ the most peaceful, quiet methods of granting beingness* and getting cooperation from its potential enemies. It wouldn't fight a war. One doesn't find an educated, secure man fighting with his neighbors. No, the person who fights his neighbors is a very insecure and not at all sane man."

(*Granting Beingness: Allowing others to be who they are.)

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