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What Executives Fear

The one thing that scares more business owners, executives and managers than anything else: delegating power to employees who might fail.

Only courageous leaders are able to pass down authority, decision-making power and responsibility to those below them. They do this despite the incompetence, inability and inexperience of their people.

History is filled with leaders who could not lead. L. Ron Hubbard uses a South American leader, Simon Bolivar, as an example of how extraordinary people can fail as executives.

Simon Bolivar successfully won the South American revolutionary war against during the 1800's. After the war he was the richest, most powerful man in , but only for a brief period. Because of his mistakes, he was soon kicked out of his country and eventually, died broke.

Bolivar made the same huge mistake most failed executives make. He could not delegate power. It cost him everything.

"Brave beyond any general in history on the battlefield, the or in torrential rivers, he [Simon Bolivar] did not really have the bravery needed to trust inferior minds and stand by their often shocking blunders. He feared their blunders. So he did not dare unleash his many willing hounds.

"He could lead men, make men feel wonderful, make men fight and lay down their lives after hardships no army elsewhere in the world had ever faced before or since. But he could not use men even when they were begging to be used."

"If you have power, use it or delegate it or you sure won't have it long."

-- L. Ron Hubbard

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