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What Will Happen to Your Finances?

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The Future

"Future is the creation of a future illusion and the working toward that illusion to make it a reality." -- L. Ron Hubbard (from the book, Understanding)

If you imagine a bad future, you'll look for ways to make it a reality. If you think you'll lose your job, your money or your health, you probably will! You will certainly be miserable.

On the other hand, if you create an illusion of a prosperous future, you will also find ways to make it come true. You envision a future where financial conditions dramatically improve. You see everyone succeeding.

By replacing a negative illusion of the future with a positive illusion, you have new confidence! When you have confidence, people around you feel confident, as well.


Step 1: Create an illusion of what you want in the future. Anything you want at all.

Perhaps in your future you feel happier and more secure. Maybe you get more work done, earn more money, help more people or feel healthier than ever.

Hopefully, you also imagine a world without poverty, war, insanity, pollution, crime or suffering.

Once you have created your future illusion, notice how you feel. Do you have more confidence? If not, keep creating an exciting, prosperous illusion until you do.

Step 2: Start making that illusion into a reality.

What can you do in 2016 to make your illusion real? What can you do this month? This week?

What single thing can you do right now, that changes a tiny part of your illusion into reality?

Do that single thing now and you are on your way.

Happy New Year!


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