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Who Do You Blame?

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For example, your business is failing and you blame your assistant. You say, "My assistant messed up my business," which is just another way of saying, "My assistant controls me and the success of my business."

If you take responsibility for your business, you would say, "I need to train my assistant better."

As another example, you might blame your parents for your stress and anxiety. You might say, "My parents ruined my life," which is the same as saying, "My parents are so powerful, they control my mood and my emotions."

Stopping the blame game and accepting responsibility for yourself gives you new hope. "My parents didn't ruin my life. I ruined my life by being lazy and unemployed. I need to improve my opinion about myself and get busy."

While blaming people for your problems is silly, blaming physical objects is even worse. "My house is so ugly, I feel depressed." "Hot weather makes me go crazy!" "My body has a disorder which makes me fat." In these cases, you are actually saying, "My life is controlled by _______."

If you wish to succeed, you have to end the blame game. You only get ahead when you become "cause" over the situation. " I'll stop watching TV and paint my house a nice color." "I'll stay inside so the hot weather doesn't bother me." "I'm only fat because I eat too much and don't exercise."


Five Steps for Ending the Blame Game

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