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Working Hard for Fun and Profit

Highly successful people love to work hard. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and other star athletes succeed because of 12-15 hours of practice per day. Bill Gates and most other self-made billionaires also work hard, long hours for years.


When you can work hard, you can accomplish great things. You have self-respect and pride. You have the horsepower needed to reach your goals.


Employees who work hard are priceless to business owners. When everyone in the group works hard all day long, you have a powerful, profitable, high-morale operation.


Those who cannot work hard are often good at inventing excuses.


Ten Excuses for Not Working Hard

1. "Everyone else is taking it easy."


2. "I thought we're supposed to work smarter, not harder."


3. "I have a medical condition."


4. "I'm a boss and bosses aren't supposed to work hard."


5. "It uses up my rare and valuable energy."


6. "I don't get paid enough."


7. "I don't have the time for it right now."


8. "Once the boss sees you can work hard, you have to do it all the time."


9. "I'm just too tired and don't feel like it."


10. "Hard work leads to workaholism."


Why Work Hard?

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