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Working Hard for Fun and Profit

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Why Work Hard?

"Work is not always pleasant.


"But few are unhappier than those who lead a purposeless, idle and bored existence . . ."


"Morale is boosted to high highs by accomplishment. In fact, it can be demonstrated that production is the basis of morale." - L. Ron Hubbard from "The Way to Happiness"


Ten Benefits of Working Hard

1. No matter how you feel, working hard and accomplishing a lot of production makes you feel wonderful.


2. You make more money if your hard work produces something of value.


3. You are offered more promotions.


4. People follow your example.


5. You can do what most people cannot do and so move ahead of them.


6. You can use your hard work to build a future for yourself.


7. You get opportunities that lazy people do not get.


8. You can drown your sorrows, fears and unhappiness in good hard work.


9. You are not surrounded by incomplete projects.


10. You have unkillable pride.


Ten Ways to Work Harder

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