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There has never been a better time for worry. According to the news, we are seeing more financial problems, more people going broke and more unhappiness than ever before. "They" say we are very worried.


Symptoms of Anxiety

• You worry about everything, big things, little things, imaginary things
• You are afraid of making mistakes
• You find it hard to make decisions
• You feel nervous for no reason
• You feel dizzy or weak or tired
• You imagine the worst
• Your body is tense
• You sleep poorly


One Simple, Powerful Solution

By making one easy change in your lifestyle, you can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety. All you do is stop listening to certain people!

Simply ignore the Merchants (sellers, distributors) of Chaos (disorder, confusion).

"It is to their [the Chaos Merchants] interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible for only then can they profit."

"Look over a newspaper. Is there anything good on the front page? Rather there is murder and sudden death, disagreement and catastrophe. And even that, bad as it is, is sensationalized to make it seem worse." -- L. Ron Hubbard ("sensationalize" = make an event seem as exciting or shocking as possible)

Anyone who profits, by making the world seem worse than it is, is a Chaos Merchant.



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