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You Get What You Reward

Imagine you own a gift shop and two sales people work for you: Jill and Susan.


Jill is attractive and cheerful. She dresses well and enjoys her work. She is very social and loves to chat with customers.


Susan does not dress as well as Jill. She does not chat with customers, but is constantly busy. She likes to arrange the gift displays, fill out inventory forms and stock the shelves.


You decide to spend more time at home and need a manager for your gift shop. Your friend says, "Jill is the best choice for the manager. She dresses well and enjoys chatting with customers. Everyone likes her best!"


You still can't decide between Jill or Susan. So you check the computer and find Jill's sales have been dropping for the past several weeks. Perhaps she spends too much time chatting with customers.


Susan's sales statistic is going up each week. In fact, even though she doesn't dress as well as Jill, she is selling twice as many gifts as Jill.


Who should you promote to the manager position?


Rewards and Penalties

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