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You Tried to Reach a Goal and Failed . . . Now What?

Have You Ever Said:

"I have too many problems to reach my goals."
"I can't succeed because I'm the wrong age/wrong race/wrong gender/wrong nationality."
"I'd rather watch TV."
"Whatever made me think I could do that?"
"I'm sick of the whole thing."
"I simply can't do it."
"I'll do it some other time."
"I don't have enough energy to do it."
"I didn't realize it would be this difficult."
"Like most people, I'll never reach my dreams."
"I've lost hope."

Once you start saying, "can't," you are on the downhill road to failure. "I can't do the project." "I can't pay my bills." "I can't succeed."

Barriers to success are built into our society. For example, most government regulations outline the things you cannot do. "You can't park there." "You can't keep that money." "Unless you follow these regulations, you can't . . . ." Read any law and notice how often the words "Prohibit," "Forbidden" and "Disallowed" occur while words like "Encouraged," "Allowed" and "Recommended" are absent.

Some employers like to act like governments and stop things. "You can't leave early." "You can't have more authority." "You can't do things your own way."

Businesses do it to customers. "We can't see you without an appointment." "I can't give you a discount." "Sorry, we cannot help you."

The real damage occurs when you stop yourself. "I can't handle more work." "I can't earn more money." "I can't change."


Why Do You Feel Stopped?

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