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Your Biggest Source of Stress and Anxiety (Part Two)

(You can read Part One at Click on link below.)


In a study conducted by members of the Los Angeles Police Department, they determined 2% of the population was actually dangerous and harmful to society; that this minority was behind most crime.


L. Ron Hubbard puts the percentage of antisocials at 2.5% with another 17.5% of the population influenced so heavily by the antisocial that they begin to act like antisocial personalities. On a world-wide scale, some antisocials are like Stalin or Hitler, the mafia or terrorists.


In your life, antisocials can be your boss, your wife, your customers, your coworkers, your lawyer, accountant, auto mechanic, employee, mother-in-law . . . anyone.


Recognizing the 20% who cause 80% of our troubles is the first step to handling them.


Part One covered the first characteristic of the antisocial personality: they speak in generalities. For example, “Everyone thinks you are too inexperienced,” “No one likes what you said” or “ is terrified.”


The second and third characteristics of an antisocial person are based on the nature of their conversations.

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