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Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety (Part One)

The biggest barrier to a successful career is not a lack of opportunities, the job market or your city. The greatest problem in business is not marketing, other companies or the economy. The greatest source of stress in life is not money or the weather or any physical thing.


The biggest source of business problems, career difficulties and personal stress is other people. Specifically, antisocial people—people who are devious, mean-spirited, cruel, hostile or negative. People who oppose you, treat you with disrespect and cause you trouble.


For example, one of the most famous antisocial personalities was Adolf Hitler. Hitler loved children and pets. He was a vegetarian who neither smoked nor drank. He was kind and considerate to the ladies, secretaries and chauffeurs. Most people thought he was a nice guy. You would never suspect he organized the deaths of millions of people.


Antisocial personalities can be doctors, lawyers, politicians, business leaders, police officers, newspaper reporters, employees, men, women, old, young . . . anyone. They can be family members, spouses and colleagues of any type. You probably know more than one antisocial person.


When the antisocial is openly nasty or critical of you, it is easy to see how they can ruin your life. What is worse are antisocial persons who hide their true intentions. These types are the most destructive as it’s hard to see who is stabbing you in the back.


When you handle an antisocial so he or she can no longer affect you, you feel great! You feel stable, more confident and in better control. Becoming a success is much, much easier.


So how can you recognize antisocial people?

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