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Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety--Part Three

You probably know a person or two who appears kind and polite. Who convince you they are on your side. Yet who make your work and life difficult. This is the antisocial person.


When you are associated with an antisocial person, you roller coaster. You feel good one day and badly the next. You are productive and efficient one week, but then waste time and get nothing done the next week.


Abraham Lincoln was known for his mood swings. Sometimes he was energetic, ambitious and cheerful. Other times, he was withdrawn, exhausted and unable to sleep. According to his son, Winston Churchill was also on a roller coaster: forceful, energized and brilliant one day, depressed and drinking the next. Imagine how much more these men would have accomplished if they had been stable.


Businesses are also prone to ups and downs because of antisocial people. One week your productivity and income is doing very well. The next, you have major problems.


Marriages and families go through the same ride. Happy and loving one month, unfriendly and argumentative the next month. Someone is messing up your family and spouse relationships.


Luckily, you can handle the negative people in your life. You can take control of your progress. You can have a stable, steadily improving business, career, marriage, family and life.


The first step is to recognize who is causing you trouble and what they are up to.


In two previous articles, we outlined three characteristics of the Antisocial Personality. Click here for Part One. Click here for Part Two.


Here is another way to identify the types of people you do not want as friends or associates.

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