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Your Success is in the Present

Do you constantly think about the future? Does tomorrow seem scary and uncertain? Are you worried how it will all turn out?

Maybe your attention is in the past. Do you dwell on old decisions? Do people from your past still affect you? Are you constantly thinking of accidents, attacks or injuries?

If so, you are missing the best part of life.


What is Sanity?

When you are in good condition, you are in the here and now. You are aware of the present. Your thoughts and attention are neither in the past nor in the future.

". . . the very, very sane confront the present entirely and have very little concern for the future, being competent enough in handling the present to let the future take care of itself." -- L. Ron Hubbard

If you think about it, present time is all there really is. The past and the future exist only in our minds. Present time is reality.

Try getting your attention completely in the present. Look at an object for 10 seconds. Try to do nothing but look at the object. Can you keep your attention in the present for the entire 10 seconds? Do thoughts of the past or future slip in?


10 Benefits of Getting Your Attention in the Present

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