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Your Success is in the Present

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10 Benefits of Getting Your Attention in the Present

1. Your powers of perception are greatly increased as you see things exactly as they are.

2. You don't beat yourself up for your bad choices in the past or potential weaknesses in the future.

3. You look at others as they actually are. This is much more accurate than how they were or how you hope they will be.

4. Bad memories have no effect on you.

5. Future worries have no effect on you.

6. Your job performance is far superior as you are more alert.

7. You perceive more, experience more and enjoy more.

8. You make better decisions because you view the facts as they actually are, right now.

9. Bad news does not bother you as much because it does not remind you of similar bad news from the past.

10. You have fewer accidents and injuries. Your mind does not wander. Your reactions are faster.


Two Ways to Live More in the Present

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