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"You're Wrong!"

For hundreds of years, churches, houses and barns frequently burned to the ground after being hit by lightening. Everyone agreed it was God's will and only sinners' homes were set on fire. In other cases, when a good person's house was burned down, it was the Devil's work.

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod which protected buildings from lightening strikes. Yet despite scientific proof, religious leaders would not admit they were wrong and instead, they accused of interfering with God's work. It took 20 years (30 in ) and thousands of destroyed churches before lightening rods were widely accepted and used by Christian churches.

Everyone wants to be right. Yet for most people, nothing is worse than being wrong. They will maintain their "rightness" despite all reasons they are mistaken. "Until my dying day, I will never admit I am wrong about this!"

"Truth is built by those who have the breadth and balance to see also where they're wrong." -- L. Ron Hubbard (Breadth = tolerance; broad mindedness) (Balance = mental stability; sanity)

Can you be wrong?

Five Tips for Your Success

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