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"You're Wrong!"

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Five Tips for Your Success

1. To succeed, face the fact that you are sometimes wrong. Get rid of any ideas that you must always be right about everything.

2. Show you are more interested in being correct than "right." Be proud when you discover you are wrong. You are expanding your knowledge.

3. When you make a mistake or are wrong about something, be the first to admit it. Do it quickly and take a new, more accurate position. You are not wrong when you quickly change your mind about an incorrect idea.

4. If people try to correct you, do not assume they are trying to make you wrong. Instead, assume they are trying to help you. If their intentions seem genuine, accept their help.

5. Make your purposes more important than being right. For example, when faced with a legal error, smart lawyers quickly admit when they are wrong. Their intention is to be legally correct. Stupid lawyers will not admit their errors and prefer to be right. Being right is more important to them than giving correct legal advice to their clients.

Replace your purpose of being right with more constructive purposes: helping people, raising successful children, learning how to do the best job possible, creating a valuable company and so on.

You succeed when you are willing to be wrong.

Give it a try. Admit being wrong about something today!


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